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Not your average Indian Restaurant; this is where traditional india meets the contemporary. Cuisie in India has evolved since Americans first embraced it in the 1960s.

At Coriander, chef Vipul Bhasin brings these updates to South jersey, offering healthier, light fare while remembering his roots in authentic Indian Cuisine. His neoclassical dishes blend age-old, time-tested recipies with new twists to create flavorful biryanis, kebabs and to-die-for curries.

Featured reviews

  • Stop and Smell the Spices

    Courier Post

    Indian Foos that tempts the senses with exotic, mouth-watering ingredients

    At Coriander Indian Bistro in Voorhees, inhale deeply. Has anything ever smelled as heavenly as Indian food cooked with care and sophistication?.

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  • Best Indian Restaurant — Coriander, Voorhees NJ

    South Jersey Magazine

    Coriander manages to cover all the bases. The menu (and staff for that matter), every attempt is made to make you feel comfortable in this somewhat niche culinary market.

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